Pre-Engineering Services & Surveys

Our Team of Engineers, Socio-Economic Specialists and Environmental Ecologists are available for impromptu deployment to ensure that project bottle necks are removed, far in advance of any construction activities.

Utility Impact Assessment

• Identification and Classification of Utilities
• Liaison and Coordination with Utility Owner’s
• Preparation of temporary and permanent Utility Relocation plan and design
• Cost estimates and budgeting of Utility Impacts

Resettlement & Rehabilitation Survey

• Identification of Land
• Social Assessment Study
• Socio-Economic Survey
• Census survey of Project Affected Families/ Project Affected Peoples (PAF / PAP)
• Preparation of Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
• Preparation of Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plan (RAP)

Environmental / Tree Impacts

• Tabulation and Classification of tree species on Projects
• Approval for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
• Approval of Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
• Laboratory Testing and Monitoring of Air, Noise, Dust and Environmental Pollution

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