Local Content Support

In support of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Act, we are committed to maximize in a sustainable manner the use of human resources, materials, equipment and services from Nigeria in our operations without compromising the company’s values, quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

To contribute adversely to the development of Nigeria’s industrial capabilities, competencies and supporting the nation’s economy, we maximize the participation of Nigerian-owned business/ local contractors in our operations in compliance with the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act, 2010. Adequate measures are taken at all times to meet requisite Nigerian Content Standard.

As a service provider in the Oil & Gas industry, we shall implement government policies/approved Nigerian Content Plan without compromising the intent of achieving the best overall value for Projects in terms of price, quality, efficiency, delivery and operating parameters.


Our work impacts positively on society and environment. Chemp & Enser Nig Ltd proactively identifies future possible effects. We plan ahead and execute works in such a manner that possible adverse consequences are avoided or reduced to the barest minimum and controlled. Cost-effective and sustainable solutions are always sought to resolve these issues.

Care for others and our planet is key in everything we do or decisions we make. We consider family values and long-term business relationships important. We take good care of our employees, clients and shareholders, and we also invest in local/host communities and charities.