Corporate Governance

C&E recognizes sustainable growth and increases corporate value over mid and long-term as its most important management priorities in earning the trust of its various stakeholders. To this end, we are working to enhance corporate governance based on our fundamental policies, including “enhancement of management fairness and transparency,” “timely decision-making processes,” and “full compliance and fortification of risk management.”

Corporate Governance Structure

C&E maintains a corporate auditor system, with the Board of Directors and an Audit & Supervisory Board. With an executive officer system in place, it strives to promote timely decision-making processes by separating business execution and oversight. It endeavors to improve the fairness and transparency of management by nominating outside directors to the Board as well as setting up a voluntary committee on nomination, remuneration, etc. so as to ensure effective supervision from an independent and objective standpoint. The company is working to ensure full compliance and the fortification of risk management based on the fundamental policies for constructing an internal control system as defined by the Board of Directors, and to build a system that will ensure that businesses of the corporate group are conducted properly by implementing internal audits and audits by the Audit & Supervisory Board.

Promotion of CSR activities Based on
Corporate Philosophy

The foundations of C&E CSR activities come from the corporate philosophy, “The people of C&E, true to the company’s enterprising spirit, are committed to creating superior technological solutions and providing excellent EPC services to meet the needs of the oil & gas industry.” The Company strives to comply with laws and regulations and implement sound business activities consistent with social norms.

The “C&E’s Charter of Corporate Conduct” was enacted in order to adequately fulfill the social responsibilities that are routed in our corporate philosophy by the entire group cohesively. We also established the “C&E’s Code of Conduct” to be conformed to by all C&E executive officers and employees in accordance with the Charter. This Code of Conduct is to be adopted by all without exception, and has been incorporated into C&E’s educational programs. C&E will continue to promote environmental, social, and governance efforts in order to achieve the trust of our stakeholders.